Wednesday, 28 October 2009

enchanting mats (plummet)

The prices of enchanting mats are plummeting so i suggest you hold on as most markets are becoming saturated. So today I cleared the bank of all my green items which i was saving to disenchant if they were soulbound i just sold or put on ah I had a bankfull of soulbound items and sould them I made about 50G mainly they were mainly low level items and the ones i sold on the ah i made even more so if you have saved things to disenchant or have a cluttered bank i recommend doing a nice sort out. It so much easier to make money with loads of space in your bank.


Sunday, 25 October 2009

Auctioneer PDF

I have been receiving many emails asking me to make a guide on using auctioneer so over the next week i will construct this guide. It will contain all the basics about auctioneer and more it will have pics so it is easy to understand. This will be absoulutley free and i might throw in a few strategies aswell. So look forward to this if you need help using auctioneer.


Hallows end (wands)

As you all know it is hallows end and you may have seen people selling there charges of wands for 15-30g which is great as these wand sare free just go aroung asking inn keepers to trick or treat you and you make find a nice profit in them. If you found them see what others are selling and match there prices you can make a decent amount and if you have some save them until next year and uou can make a vast amount next year as you can sell them easy as no-one has them.

Happy Hallows End

Battle net

Hey all you may know that you need to make and then merge your battle net with your wow account I recommend doing it ASAP as you will not be waiting ages on november 12 with those who forgot. Also you get a cute little pet called Mr Chill so it is worth while. Soon you will be able to talk cross realm which will be ace.

If you havent signed up follow this link.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

moonglade riches

There are many patterns and items of value in moonglade which can be bought very cheap and can be sold at a great mark-up. I suggest th the at you make a druid alt and camp him their have him run around all the merchants checking for rares then send back to you mule. this will take 5-10mins and the profits can be huge.

p.s one copper has moved seth now has his own demain you will find his new blog in my website.

Market patterns

As most of you know the market rises and then falls depending on demand or if the has been a bidding war so what to do if you are caught in a market downfall well the answer is very simple leave the auctions that are already going and then bank the rest. Wait for the market to recover or leave it a couple of days as people will just dump their items as they feel the no longer hold value buy them out and the reset the market to a higher price I only recommend doing this if you have the gold and the time to constantly check the market for and undercutters.

If you don't have the gold to do this branch off into different markets don't just stay in one because if that fails where is your income coming from. I try to cover the trading aspects of the game.

Sorry for the long wait for this post been away.


Hey all
I am Back from my holiday and it was great but i missed playing wow when i logged on i had a lot of mail to read so if you have sent me a email it may take a while to get back to

Saturday, 17 October 2009


Hey i am on holiday and wont be writing until next week happy gold making.

Monday, 12 October 2009


I was on wow this weekend not for long and was seeing people paying vast amounts of gold for a boost many would be in a group 5 and they would pay between 5-20g each so you could make a nice sum of money in like a few minutes as instances dont take long.

Try it start at 20g for a boost see how many people get back to you.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

low level quest rewards

I have been asked how low levels can make money from low level quests well if you hover above the items you can see which one sells for more and what they disenchant for. If you dont know disenchanting just sell the one that sells for more.

Many people will skip the kill quests why?
these quests can genearate a lot of xp and you can get several greens etc.
Which you can wear DE or sell on the ah.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Prosperous protein

I have already mentioned the small eggs but i would like to tell you that all low level meats fly of the market I sell stringy wolf meat for 15g a stack and small eggs 8.50g a stack of 5. So where are these meats they are in the low level areas so i would just make a farming alt for these things if you want small eggs go silvermoon.If you want boar meat got to ogrimmar if you want stringy wolf meat there are several places eg mulgore or elewynn forest which also can be very profitable. If you want turtle meat go to the shimmering flats as it is required for a quest in hillsbrad i would keep some if you plan to level there.Bat meat is in the ghostland.
  • This guide will aid you if you require these low levels for cooking mats
  • Or if you are a low level in need of cash
  • So go on get farming try and be the supplier of someone

Monday, 5 October 2009

Westfall crabs

In westfall there is a great farming spot which contains Crabs which when killed practically respawn instantly. And you can make several hundred gold from this guide which is really great. You get the crawler meat claw etc so sell these on ah and you can get loads and loads of stacks. which sel from 10-30s which is great because the respawn insanely fast.

Will write later g2g

Auctioneer-easier to make money

you now no longer have to wait 5 days before money can be made through auctioneer as you can import data from the online auctioneer database. So if your results are a bit wierd you can double check.

This will make money making lot easier.

A New laptop

Soon my laptop will come and i will be able to make more money than ever before this is because loading times will be serverly slashed and i will be able to farm more things for quicker and longer.

I am thinking about branching out into a new sector as before i said about the professions but what one should i choose i think i am going to make a inscription character after my brief experiment these sell awfully fast. I will Post my results. don't put all your money into one thing because if you lose profit on that you can't make it back as easily so diversify.

Friday, 2 October 2009

Professions what is the best?

I received a email from someone asking me how that he could improve his cash flow and I got back to asking for more information he wrote back saying that he had NO PROFESSIONS . I was shocked to here this and you will need to get some to make real money buy supplying the auction house. He asked me which ones were the best.... and this is a difficult question.

It depends on the person. If you are a low level i suggest 2 gathering professions like skinning and mining etc. This suits people who farm and grind and throughout the leveling process.

I have made tonnes of gold through skinning and leather working. Through low level rare twink items to make heavy knot hide armour.
Enchanting can be a good one as DE all items that you don't need for profit or you can sell your services on the trade channel. Alchemy is often harder to make a profit from but if you make guardian elixirs and low level one for pvp you can still make a good profit herbalism would be best for this so you don't lose even more profit.
Blacksmithing is great with the mining combo it takes a while to see a decent return but lower levels will often buy for DE. Jewelcrafting my favourite as the low level necklaces still turn over well so you can fuel this from the ah. But the prospecting bit is what makes it worth while as you can get gem and everything which you can then cut for resale with a very large mark up.
Inscription a great easy to level profession the glyph sell very well including the low levels and you can do the carpet bomb technique where you post 2 of every glyph and make huge amounts of profit the inks will sell great to.
I will do the secondary later on today or tomorrow.
email me with results and now you can email to your friends to.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

on your travels make mega bucks

What should you do when you are farming/questing make sure that you have plenty of bag space i know i have mentioned this before but it really helps. If you are arming check out what sell for the most and is easy to get with little hassle. For example spider's silk sell for as much as 30g per piece so when questing in ashenvale or stonetalon make sure you kill those spiders. Also if you see a mineral/herb get it every little helps. Take skinning it is a risk free profession s the cost is 78c for knife then you are on your way stacks are usually on a high and always in demand. All rare items not usable to you sell on the ah or send to be DE.

So what if you are doing this already and not making any gold?
Well then change market

Points to add
Keep all cloths as the sell very well especially the wool cloth as this is hard to come by.
If you know you can make a better return form crafting from the items then do it.
If you can find a person that needs your mats then COD it to them regularly to a set price but make it slightly cheaper than the ah.