Sunday, 14 November 2010

Personal Statement

Well, at the moment I am in the middle of drafting my personal statement and trust me its extremely hard to talk about yourself without coming off all braggy. I want to apply for a German and another language degree but its so hard when I have applied and all uni deadline are up Imay post it up that way I can't be copied but can help others for when they apply in the coming years.

New Realm?

Many of us change realms to...

  • Change faction (Horde to alliance vice versa)
  • Join a friends realm
  • Experiment with new ideas
  • Just for the lol's
So how can you make money on a new realm? There are many means available to you.
  1. Make a character and sell his/her original clothing you will be surprised at the amount you get 9g+ for boots e.c.t on a high pop realm.Test this then rinse and repeat until you have the desired gold.
  2. Kill boars outside Ogrimmar or Razor Hill you get loads of boar meats which can sell for up to 30s a piece and it takes no time at all to gather a couple stacks.
  3. Get gatherer and set of on a mining route you level your profession and get tonnes of gold in the process.
  4. Kill humanoids and turn there cloth into green these can be disenchanted into serious gold.(especially with the new expansion people will try and level extremely quicklyand will pay ridiculous prices)
  5. Herbalism many people disregard this as a means for gold yeh it may not net you as much as mining but its great because not many people do it so you can corner the market and make huge gains for little work.Also scribes will pay a lot for these to craft for the upcoming expansion.
I will go into these in greater detail  step by step tomorrow but i have the WOW bug again also the fable 3 and black ops one but those are different stories all together.