Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Bidding gateway to wealth

You can earn lots of money on bidding. Why??
Because if people only put a bid on then hardly anyone will bid for it so you can swoop in on these low prices and win really easily.
  • How to turn a profit
  • Once you have bid on items and won re-list those items on he ah.
  • You can turn a huge profit as you you paid so little.
It is that easy to make money on wow.

But how can you guarantee that your bid wont get knocked out? To do this try and get all bids in that will end when the servers are fixed as no-one can outbid you. If you are horde got to ogrimmar. you can use the gamon hitting the auctioneers away technique until your auctions are won.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

rare recipes

Many people do not know where their recipes come from when they buy them off the suction house that's the beauty of auctioneer it will tell you if they can be bought from a vendor. so before buying one on the ah if its says you can buy it for 10s find out where and buy it.

Adding to this you can do the same to other people and buy rare recipes and mark them up considerably so you get great returns you can do this easier if higher level as you can get to these places but once a level 10 druid you can go to moonglade and buy the rare recipes so low levels can make heaps from this transport.

Keep up the gold making guys I like recieving your emails I try to get back to as many as possible so if you dont get an answer in a few days try again.


many people us prospecting to get their money and will power level all the way to the top so the can prospect saronite ore but the problem is many people know this technique the profits aren't as great as they use to be what I am suggesting is to do the upper and lower end of the market due to most people only acting only on the top ores. Yes there is money to be made the top end of the market so keep doing it but the lower end has virtually no competition. So you can raise prices and earn extra cash don't flood the market as the lack of competition is control it.

This guide will also be helpful to lowbies as you will learn that you cam still profit from low level things.

JMTC has made a interesting post contain news about mmo champions new guide head over to their forum and take a look at whats gonna happen to the market. Good job JMTC

Small golden eggs

well I put them up they were bought within the minute of going up i kept on putting them up i put up about 20 stacks of 5 for 7g 50s each. So yesterday I made 150g from small eggs i am gonna keep selling these as they can make a wide amount of profit and are easily farmed. In like 10 minutes you can get quite a few stacks I would suggest breaking them up into fives though and putting the price up 50 silver give it a try and email me your results i will now allow anonymous posting have fun and if your a lowbie this is the way to make hundreds of gold very fast.

Also soon it will be winter veil and like a week o two before farm these eggs because they are required for quests so the prices will surge.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

small eggs

Well today my little brother was having ago on his mess around character and later on i was sorting through his bags and found some small eggs so i was making a trip to the ah anyway and auctioneer gave me a really good price for 13 it was 16g i was amazed i put the on and logged in a few hours later and they sold i was surprised i thought it was an error so i went out farming and put some eggs on the ah just a few stacks of 5 for 7g a stack if they sell i have loads in my bank and i ca make a nice profit check the prices on your server this could be a real gold making and it is great for low levels.

A few grinding spots

Defias windmill 12-20
Go to Defias windmill, Westfall around here you will find several groups of defias trappers and other things but these mobs a very high drop rate of linen cloth keep killing and sell the stacks on the ah or make bandages. But these also have a decent drop rate of greens and the respawn insanely fast so you can keep killing them and not run but this is a well known spot so you may have some competition.
Scarlet monastery(grave yard)
I have already said about that many farming spots have competion this is the beauty of instances as they will have no-one coming in taking all your kills and also you wont get ganked by the opposite team. In the grave yard there are unfettered spirits which are an easy kill and drop good loot if you are a higher level go for the others but you can still get great loot from the unfettered spirits.

A mule

Well another way to make even more money and save time on other characters is to make a mule so what is a mule
  • A mule is a character that handles all things to do with the auction house
  • You send him all things that you wish to be sold on the auction house
  • Make him have a few hundred gold to buy and resell and also get great deals of the trade channel
  • Make sure that he doesn't have bank in his name as this will alert people tha he is just a mule and the will be put of from buying
  • Level him up a bit there are to many level 1's running around and then you can also teach him a profession so you can also generate more profit


Many people waste hundreds of gold each day when grinding/farming because they have insufficient bag space so the first thing you need to invest in are bags the more slots you have the better as then you can keep valuable items and sell vendor trash have you noticed when your bags are full you suddenly get lots of greens well if you get the maximum bags slots you can increase gold.

  • Get the ASAP
  • Consider it a investment not a chore
  • You will earn money back so quickly it doesn't matter
  • If you are planning on farming/grinding they are essential

money money everywhere but not any for me

Well all the time gold generation will slow that is because of shifts in the market etc. So when the market shifts do not flood the market in a last ditch attempt to make money just bank your materials and change sector. I will often change sector when I see the price falling rapidly I move into a sector when I see the price shooting up. I can do this with ease as many of my characters do different professions so I just generate what I need and put it on the ah another thing is if you can craft rare items or know where to find rare items send them to different characters. This way when you put the on the ah the person wont think where does he get all them and you wont get questioned. Sometimes I will even undercut myself by 10s so they think that we are not the same person even more.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

found a good video

hey found this cool vid on how to make lots of gold its not mine but I think you should see

want to grind

Many people will grind and get poor results well if you follow these criteria then the gold is in the bag.
  1. Find a area with mobs that spawn very fast and drop items that are in huge demand or a green or blue items
  2. also an area with nodes in would be very helpful as you can make even more profit if you have skinning should find a mob of beast to grind.
  3. Have a few grind locations just in case other people come as then you can move on and it wont halt your speed

what to do??

Many items are sold on the ah way cheap because people don't now what they are doing what you should do is to buy all items where you can make a profit just by disenchanting them pretty simple hey. But many people will just coast around trying the buy low sell high technique but wont experiment in different field or use their professions well to be honest they are just being silly and have read how they can make thousand of gold by buy low sell high which is true but they can make more if they use their professions and convert mill disenchant or whatever the money is there for the taking.

deviate fish

I know some people know about the money to be made from these fish but not everyone does so i thought i would make a quick guide as deviate fish can sell form 6-10g per stack of 10 its a good way to make a lot of money in a short space of time it is easy to get these fish if you are horde as all you need to do is go to the wailing caverns and fish the pools just before the instance but if you an aliance this can be done but the main way to make money is to cook them and turn them into savoury deviate delight these can sell for upto 40g for a stack 20 so if you are a low level this is a good way to make upto 100g per hour when they are cooked. Many thanks

Saturday night fever

Hey all
The weekend is here woohoo but the only problem is how to make money when practically the whole wow population is online. Well what you need to do is find a good farmer and use my sweet talking the farmer strategy as its the weekend there will be many online so you will be able to get great deals. Then store it in your bank and sell it during mid week like a Wednesday or Tuesday I make good profits. If you want to make quicker cash sell it on the ah that night but the profits wont be as great and you will get undercut. At night the dumpers will just put the rest of their stock on the ah for ridiculous prices this happens every night but more on the weekends buy these out then resell and make pure profit you can sell these there and then as the profit margins are likely to be huge anyway. If you can get good epic gear and store for use later in the week its better to acquire these through the trade channel as you can haggle down for heightened profit margins.

Try it out tonight and dont forget to subscribe

Inscription the way forward

Well inscription is a lot better than I presumed it is very easy to level and once you can make some glyphs the money starts rolling in I wouldn't recommend putting all glyphs on the ah but use auctioneer to see which ones sell for a decent profit some of the quite low level ones sell for as much as 15g pretty good for a required skill of 75+. These glyphs can be sold for low level pvp or for use on your alts so i would recommend leveling this casually as you level. And don't forget the profits that can be made from milling this profession is definitely a quick easy way for gold

Try it out and tell me your results comment or email me.
More on this soon


I have a received a few emails from people telling me to do a guide about inscription well the truth is I don't have a character that is why I am doing a experiment where i am going to teach my banking alt inscription and will see how much profit I can generate.

Wish me luck

Friday, 25 September 2009

sweet talking the farmer

If you can find a farmer you can make can make a killing by being nice to them if you can ask them to supply you with a few stack and get the price down then add them to friends and keep buying and then reselling on the auction house. On my server saronite ore is selling really well at the moment so i have been getting decent prices form farmers then reselling for sheer profit upto 10g per stack i will often make 100g from that and will then find farmers of a different material in my friends i will note them as farmer of saronite ore.

Hope you have enjoyed my guides so far i have had a influx of hits so keep it going guys.


Hey I have already talked about auctioneer but i forgot to include things about the search ui etc. Well a good way to make money is to use the search tab and search the vendor collumn and resell all things where you can make 1g+ really so that is a way to make a few gold. Also use the disenchant tab and look for things that you can disenchant for profit also do this for resale and the others and you can make several 100's of gold through this method.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

The brewfest buzz

As we all know brewfest is here for a while now I and have to see if this technique works as well but it is basically the same as winter veil try and get as much preserved brewfest hops as possible save for later on in the year and then sell this is a good thing to do also in winter veil except with preserved holly.


You can earn lots of gold through his method but the only downside you may have to wait a while for a transmuter to become available what I do is buy some arcane crystals and thorium bars and then ask in the trade channel for transmutes when I get a transmute I will offer to buy the next one for an extra gold this saves you time and will not effect your profits that much.

Plz comment with ideas and tell your friend.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

vanity pets

You can make thousands of gold from such pets what I do is buy several cockroaches and will sell them on the neutral market you can sell them for 15g a piece so make 14.50g so sell 10 thats 145g profit when there buy a opposite faction and sell for a large profit because people want these pets. And the raptor pets e.g deviate hatchling sells for 1500g on my server but are very rare so if people sell on trade channel or in ah the will often under sell it and you can make sheer profit from this.

Leather working

I have made lots of gold from leatherworking you do not need skinning but if you have it it will save you money and wont eat into your profits I suggest you power level and then post in the trade and wait for people to come to you. Or you can post favourite twink items on the auction house you can earn lots of gold through this method.


Gathering professions

The way to make lots of gold on wow is through professions the best professions are mining, skinning and herbalism. Personally I prefer mining and skinning combination as there seem to me more demand for these items I don't suggest another profession until level 80 (you can power level) You will make more money this way and with the introduction of mounts at level 20 leveling is now quicker and easier than before. I will go onto the advantages of other professions in my next guide

The trade channel

You can make lots of gold from the trade channel.How you may ask? Well keep an eye on this channel and have your hearth stone set to the nearest city with a auction house. When you see a item is put up on this channel ask how much you can buy it for, haggle down as much as you can then put it on the auction house.

Monday, 21 September 2009

The Auction House

The auction house is a essential part of making money on World Of Warcraft. So what shall you do to make you a head of the game well you need the auctioneer addon which gathers information on the auction house it gives you the rough price for that item do not rely on data if you haven't collected more than 5 days worth of scans preferably morning,noon and night.

Once this data is collected you can start to make heaps of gold with these strategies. So the buy low sell high techniques don't get me wrong this is a great techniques for some quick cash but if you want to make more money bid low and then sell for higher a good tip is when people only put bids on this makes you able to earn money as it will go for cheap and the won't want to wait. another good thing is buy on the morning or late at night this way you can buy/bid on all the cheap items that are dumped onto the auction house.


Welcome to A Fistful Of Coppers (AFOC) this site has been created especially to show you the best ways to make lots of gold from World Of Warcraft. I will regulary update my site every one or two days with the latest gold making tips.