Thursday, 17 December 2009

Hows your gold making

winterveil has come and i have made a killing on my small eggs and santa suits i am wiriting to say meery christmas and a happy new year.

And how has your gold making been doing?

Friday, 11 December 2009


Winterveil is only a few days away and the new patch3.3 has landed...
And i was just writing to tell you how to make a quick buck so you must farm eggs in westfall(alliance)or silvermoon(horde) as they will sellf fro like 2g a egg so get ready to sell em on the first day of winterveil.
Calico cats these are a new pet which you can buy for 50g in shattrath city i am sure you can sell em for 100g+ so a nice money maker there.
If you see any high end enchanting mats cheap buy them as they will rise in price due to people requiring them to put enchants on their new armour.
Flask will also be higher in price.
And a new substance is out called primordial saronite which will sell for a few k for the first few weeks after the patch.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Golden eggs

Get Farming now..
you must be farming for small eggs as soon winterveil arrives and you can make a lot of profit from this.I would also like to add you must buy on the weekends and sell midweek as i sometime double what I buy for.

I am so sorry for not writing i have exams soon but will continue to write for as long as possible and i hope you all have a good christmas.

Good gold makers this week for me are.....
titanium ore and bars.


I have not been writing in a while i am apologizing for this i have been very busy with work and havent had a lot of time to play on wow.