Wednesday, 19 January 2011

How to make money at a low level?

Well you have to start from somewhere and low level gold is easy to make on a new realm if you have the knowledge.

  • Sell your starting clothes this can make a nice amount of gold 5-10g per item on some realms so once you have that you are started straight away.
  • Buy recipes from every trainer even the non-limited items these are a few silver each and you can sell em for 20g for more popular so sell one and the rest is pure profit (limited items do sell the best)
  • When getting the recipes buy any reagents needed for example buy the low level herbs for a few copper or enchanting dusts and flip for more than 10x the amount.
  • Kill the boars outside Ogrimmar or the Dragon Hawkes outside Silver Moon (eggs sell well even not at Christmas). Sell the meat for about 30s-75s a piece so it doesn't take long to rake it in.
  • Sell all whites on the AH its more profitable than selling some of the greens and a much cheaper deposit.
  • Pick up mining or herbalism and skinning and sell your mats straight don't modify them.
  • Check the profession mats in the AH and buy all the cheap ones or try and win on a bid(higher profits)
  • Flip them but don't be greedy sell them for a reasonable price otherwise you wont make as much money.
I will add to this when more come to me :)arryl

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